Scenes from Supply Summit

A smaller-than-usual but happy-to-be-there group gathered in Kansas City for a first-in-17-months Association convention. There were differences, but what was unmistakably the same was members’ eagerness to reconnect, learn, and tend to business.

Top left: One of two evening receptions. COVID-19 protocols called on attendees to be seated to eat and drink and to wear masks when standing. Members adapted by traveling between tables and networking with new groups. 
Top right: Manufacturers ask questions at the Supplier Product Showcase. With fewer people, attendees dove more deeply into conversations. 
Bottom left: Attendees talk during the showcase. 
Center: Participants in the trap shoot wait for their moment in the field. (Photo courtesy of Marc Ivey.) 
Center right: A speaker offers analysis on how the current political climate, the economy, and shifting opinions on food will influence the industry. 

Left Above: Traditional Summit trap shoot. Photo courtesy of Marc Ivey. 

Left Lower: Speakers discuss what a post-COVID workplace might look like specific to managing people, plant operations, and sales and marketing.