Suppliers: Showcase Space is Filling Fast

Sixty-one companies have reserved their space in the 2020 Supplier Product Showcase in Albuquerque. Only nine booths remain open inside the exhibit hall with an additional four available in the entry hallway.

If you claim your space by Feb. 21, you will save $60 on the reservation. You can see this layout of the showcase in the Summit’s program section at and find out who’s at each booth. You also can find information about booth dimensions and furnishings as well as instructions on how to ship materials to the hotel or order electricity.

The product showcase is the centerpiece of the Summit. It is an opportunity for manufacturers to connect with several suppliers in one place and explore the possibility of new partnerships.

John Tye of Lubbock Fastener describes it this way: “You walk by a table and look at something, and you say, ‘That’s the sort of thing we were looking for, but it needs to be like this. Can you make it like this?’ In most cases, the answer is ‘If you want to buy it, we can make it.’ ”

Supplier members partner with the Association to create additional opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers to connect. In the next issue of Shortliner, we’ll focus on the fun we’ll have in Albuquerque. Stay tuned for details about golf, the trap shoot, an exploration of our host city’s night life, what’s in store for spouses and guests, and more.