What Separates Companies from the Pack? Readiness.

In a recent issue of Ag Innovator magazine, consultant Steve Wilson wrote this:

“I have had opportunities to see inside many of the country’s manufacturing operations, each of them striving to differentiate themselves from competitors. In plants doing the best in their respective industries, I consistently see the systematic implementation of Lean, Six Sigma, or some other form of continuous improvement as a beginning point. These tools mature to the point of enterprise-wide deployment. Everyone engages—front line, back line, front office, back office, everyone.

“As these operational excellence methods have gained widespread use, their potential to be a factor for differentiation has diminished. I believe, however, that significant opportunity still exists, and the defining factor in success is readiness.”

Wilson wrote about readiness in the summer 2020 issue of the magazine, which you can find at FarmEquip.org/agi. Look for the magazine cover featuring Orlando.

Wilson also spoke about readiness during a webinar the Association hosted in March. Find the replay at FarmEquip.org/library. The password to access the webinar is in the introductory text.

Finally, Wilson will join members at the Marketing & Distribution Convention in Oklahoma City in November. This will be among five appearances he makes to take a deeper dive into operational excellence. Please join us.