Single Store Dealer Reacts to Deere Termination

Clifford Pugh from Tri-County Equipment in Crossville, Tenn., recently issued a statement regarding a decision by John Deere to remove its equipment from Tri-County’s sales lot. The statement reads, in part:

“I was the John Deere dealer here in Crossville from February 1977 until March 15, 2021.

“In recent years John Deere has pushed to consolidate their single store dealers in favor of those that own multiple (corporate) locations, and I have been the last single store owner in Tennessee for the last four years.

“On March 5, 2020, a John Deere Division Manager hand delivered a termination letter to me stating that they would close me down as a dealer on September 2, 2020 because of below expected market share performance, which is set by Deere, for the sale of “NEW” tractors.

“After lengthy negotiations with John Deere and their single, specified potential buyer, I decided not to sell and let John Deere terminate the dealership. They then told me that March 15, 2021, would be my final day as a John Deere dealer.

“On that day they brought in several trucks, loaded their equipment, took the John Deere sign down and drove away. This was of course a painful moment for the entire Tri-County family.

“Now to the future: Tri-County Equipment Sales & Service Inc. has NO PLANS to close its doors.

“We will continue to serve our loyal customers with the same superior service they have become accustomed to, as the vast majority of our employees are staying with us, and they have always been our best asset.”

The statement concluded by naming new products customers can find on Tri-County’s lot and extending its appreciation to customers.