HR: Corporate ‘Fun’ Culture?

Man fired for failing to be ‘fun’ at work wins compensation lawsuit.

Most companies are clear on their corporate values—but one French firm found itself in hot water recently after it fired an employee for refusing to embrace its self-ascribed “fun” culture.

In a court ruling earlier this month, a judge in France’s highest court ruled that Paris-based consultancy Cubik Partners had unlawfully dismissed the man, named in the case as Mr. T, for failing to be sufficiently fun.

According to court documents, Mr. T was hired as a senior consultant by Cubik in 2011 and promoted to director in 2014. However, he was dismissed from that position for “professional incompetence” in 2015.

That so-called incompetence arose when Mr. T refused to comply with Cubik’s “fun” values that the court said involved engaging in excessive drinking and other problematic behaviors. As his refusal to participate was given as a reason for his dismissal, the judge deemed he had been wrongfully fired.

The judge added that the company advocated practices including “promiscuity, bullying, and incitement to various excesses” among its staff at these events.