Case New Holland Strike Surpasses 200 Days

About 1,100 United Auto Workers (UAW) at Case New Holland (CNH) plants in Burlington, Iowa, and Racine, Wisconsin are in one of the longest active strikes in the country,

While some members on the picket line said last Thursday they were a bit scared the strike’s gone on for 213 days, they also feel they’re still holding strong.

According to local union leaders in Burlington, U.S. Secretary of Labor Martin Walsh has now stepped in to mediate.

“Our main focus is to try to get back to the table and end the strike,” UAW Local 807 President Nick Guernsey said. “[Walsh] has agreed to step in, and we know he’s made contact with the company … to help try to get the ball rolling.”

Negotiations have stalled between CNH and UAW. In late September the union received the company’s “last, best, and final offer.”

As the days grow colder, some members are starting to worry about not going back to work.

However, for many seeing the strike go through is all about the bigger picture.

The union is still waiting to hear back from the Department of Labor. There is no date set for CNH and UAW to return to the bargaining table.