Ag Retailers Are Optimistic for 2024 Growing Season

Each year without fail, the growing season brings its share of trends that “hit” with grower-customers and those that “miss the mark.” CropLife® magazine recently announced the findings of their 8th annual 100 Mid-Year Survey.

They the nation’s top ag retailers their overall outlook on the 2024 growing season based upon the market performance through the spring field work/planting time. This was accomplished by asking respondents to rate the year so far on a scale of one to 10 – with one being “worse than expected” and 10 being “better than expected.” And overall, the survey showed that the market is pleased with 2024. A little more than eight out of 10 (86%) survey respondents rated the year so far between a five and a 10.

Source: CropLife® magazine

Broken down a bit further, 53% of the nation’s top ag retailers said the 2024 growing season rates between a five and seven on their 10-point scale. Another 33% indicated the year so far rates as an eight to 10 in their regions of the country. Compared with the findings from the 2023 CropLife 100 Mid-Year Survey, this represented a 6% increase from the 80% of respondents that said last year rated between a five and 10. Perhaps more significantly, only 14% of respondents are rating the 2024 growing season between a one and a four.

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