Ag Top-Rated Industry in Gallup Poll

Farming and agriculture topped the 2020 Gallup poll chart as the best-rated U.S. industry.

While agriculture has been among the top-rated industries for several years, this is the first time in the poll’s 20-year history that it secured the top spot with a positive rating of 69 percent. That is an increase of 11 percentage points over 2019.

Gallup suggests the boost in positivity toward agriculture stemmed from COVID-19 as the public expressed more appreciation for the work of three industries important to people’s well-being: farming, health care and pharmaceuticals.

The largest decline was for the sports industry. It dipped from 45 percent positive approval to 30 percent, partially from COVID disruptions, but also from the increased social and political activism.

The results were part of the Gallup Poll Social Series that surveyed more than 1,000 Americans. The poll focused on 25 U.S. business and industry sectors.