Bill Gates Owns Most Farmland in U.S.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now the owner of the most farmland in the United States, according to Land Report.

The report says Gates, the fourth richest man in the world, and wife Melinda own 242,000 acres of farmland. The couple have acquired land in more than a dozen states. Their largest holdings are in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Nebraska.

Since the early 2000s, the couple also have entered the agriculture space through numerous investments in farming in the developing world.

In 2008, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced $306 million in grants designed to boost the yields and incomes of millions of farmers in Africa and other parts of the developing world.

The foundation also teamed up with the Department for International Development to support agricultural research projects in developing countries.

Gates also created the nonprofit Gates Ag One to further the couple’s goals of supporting agriculture in developing countries.

Source: Fox Business