Breaking Down the Breakout Sessions

The Supply Summit March 25 to 27 offers a mix of industry analysis with a series of roll-up-your-sleeves and dive-in discussions on business issues that members tell us matter to them.

In addition to three general sessions, the Association will host six discussions in three time slots.

Three of the discussions (product liability, hemp, and sales tax) will repeat, so you will have two chances to attend. The safety standards discussion will happen only once.

The trade sessions will transition from more elementary information in a first discussion to more advanced material for a second session.

It might feel like a who’s-on-first arrangement now, but if you identify your priority topics, we can help you get there.

Product Liability: Managing Risk

DJ Warden, an attorney with Association partner Nilan Johnson Lewis, will discuss risk management, specifically field management strategies and design, manufacturing, and compliance practices.

Warden specializes in defending product liability cases and commercial litigation.

Tools for Tradeó 101 and Advanced

Heather Ranck is director of the U.S. Commercial Service and U.S. Department of Commerce in North Dakota. Ranck’s trade specialty is farm equipment.

She will host two breakout discussions. The first will focus on export assistance resources available to shortline manufacturers. The second will dive into export market research and website globalization. Ranck also will speak at the International Trade Committee meeting.

Navigating Multi-State Sales Tax
Lobbying for Exemptions

Justin Mentele, CPA, a principal at KCoe Isom, will discuss what manufacturers need to know about doing business in multiple states, including income taxes, sales taxes, and the Wayfair decision.

Attorney Rachel Geilenfeld is external relations manager and lobbyist for Sukup Manufacturing Co. She will discuss tactics and strategies that led to the successful creation of sales tax exemptions for farm equipment in Iowa.

With all of the threats to your supply chain, this Thursday afternoon event is a great opportunity to visit with current suppliers and explore new options. Demand for booth space will once again make this a sold out event, with over 70 Our Association Supplier Section Members waiting to visit with manufacturers.

Understanding Hemp Regulations

Attorney Megan Kuehl is with the Corporate Legal Department at Sentry Insurance. She will discuss the changing legal environment affecting the hemp industry. From growers and and sellers to those selling equipment and services, anyone with any connection to this industry needs to attend this session.

Safety Standards

John Fisher, an Association consultant and safety and standards expert, and Scott Cedarquist, standards and technical director for ASABE, will discuss a series of safety standards, including lighting and marking, braking, and hitch-pins. For those who don’t have the time or staff to follow the  almost daily changes in proposals and development of  industry standards, this session is a must. 

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