Buhler Reports Promising First Quarter

Net sales increased by 4 percent in the fourth quarter for Buhler Industries. The rise in sales is part of an overall picture of optimism.

A news release from Buhler said “projections for 2021 continue to be favorable as sales are expected to continue to grow during the year. The backlog has increased as order activity has strengthened.”

The company also said that a restructuring in its manufacturing capacity and changes to reduce costs of operations will begin producing results this year with the full impact of savings realized in 2022.

Buhler reported a net loss for the quarter, which ended Dec. 31, but it was 44 percent less than the loss recorded for the same quarter last year. The improvement in the loss is the result of a higher gross margin from sales, debt forgiveness through a federal program, and gain on foreign exchange. Those improvements were offset by more R&D spending.

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