Escaped Convict Found Behind Deere Dealership

Escaped prisoner, Danelo Cavalcante, was finally recaptured after a 14-day manhunt behind Little’s John Deere of Pottstown, PA that sells lawnmowers, tires and more.

The store manager, Jim Martin, said he and his employees couldn’t access the store at all on Tuesday because the search perimeter for the escaped convict was locked down. Wednesday morning, they were able to get in, but the area was still swarming with police in camouflage and a helicopter was circling ahead.

Martin said he knew Cavalcante could be near when he got a text message from his neighbor. 

“The neighbor behind the property here, her property was searched between 1:30 and 2:30 this morning. Thermal cameras supposedly picked up a heat signal somewhere on her property. So they did a sweep of her house,” Martin said. “And I guess that’s where they started to narrow him in to an area, but it’s literally right behind the stream.”

“Everybody started to congregate back by the shed, and here they were already bringing him out,” Martin said. “And then we watched them basically walk him up, one camouflaged trooper had [Cavalcante’s] gun, his rifle…EMS kind of working on him in the parking lot.”

Martin said he wasn’t expecting the manhunt to be right behind his business, but he had a feeling it could happen.

“It was unbelievable. It was exciting at the same time, but how does anybody expect to watch it and be right there when it happens? That was just pure luck to be at the scene,” Martin said. 

With Cavalcante in custody, Martin commends law enforcement on a job well done. 

“They did their job. They did exactly what they needed to do. Anybody feels it took too long, tough,” he added, “If you don’t know what it’s like growing up in the woods, you shouldn’t expect to know how easy this was.” 

While Martin said the business took a hit during the manhunt, he’s glad his life will finally be getting back to normal now that Cavalcante is once again locked up.