Here’s to 70 Years! And Five, and 45, and 15 …

Worksaver Inc. is celebrating its 70th anniversary as a member of Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association. The company’s history with the Association dates back to the beginning.

Executives there have long optimized their membership by engaging with other member companies, attending conventions, accepting leadership positions in the Association, and being available as a resource to newer members and less established companies.

We thank Worksaver and the many other companies celebrating milestone anniversaries this month. We also welcome four companies that are on the first days of what we hope will be another 70-year (and beyond) relationship!

Recent Membership Applicants
The Roots Logistics, LLC
CFO Systems, LLC
TerraKat LLC

Membership Anniversaries

70 Years
Worksaver Inc.

50 Years
Haven Steel Products, Inc.

45 Years
Busatis, Inc.
McFarlane Manufacturing Co., Inc.

30 Years
Bowman Mfg. Co., Inc.
Laforge Systems Inc.

25 Years
Wilger Inc.

15 Years
Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg
Montag Mfg, Inc.
George Kremmel Sales Inc.
Kapil Enterprises Private Limited
Mast Production Inc.

5 Years
Poettinger U.S. Inc.
Tiger Lights
Tool Tuff Direct LLC