John Fisher Provides Standards Updates

Association safety consultant John Fisher has provided this update on standards activity for Association members. If you have questions for Fisher, contact him at


Two parts of the five part braking standards series, ANSI/ASABE S648, Agricultural Field Equipment Braking, are being revised. No technical changes are being proposed.

Part 4: Requirements for Towed Vehicles: minor revisions to specific clauses to eliminate conflicts between those clauses and other information in the standard. Draft is ready for final approval.

Part 5: Requirements for the Interface between Towing Vehicle and Towed Vehicles: minor revision to clarify compatibility information for low speed/high mass towed vehicles and to match simulator performance with EU Regulations. Another committee ballot must take place.

Front or Towed Implements

ISO/CD 5674 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Guards for power take-off (PTO) drive-shafts —Strength and wear tests and acceptance criteria, approved with comments from the U.S. Resolutions will be discussed at the Sept. 15 plenary session.

ISO 5675:2021—Agricultural tractors and machinery—General purpose quick-action hydraulic couplers. Published.

ISO 10448:2021, Agricultural tractors—Hydraulic pressure for implements. Published.

X24347, Agricultural tractors—Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles—Dimensions of ball-type coupling device (80 mm). U.S. will be adopting ISO 24347: 2019 version identically.

Tillage Equipment

ISOS 4254-17, Agricultural machinery—Safety—Part 17: Root crop harvesters. Expecting publication soon.

Anhydrous Ammonia

X620.1, Safety for Anhydrous Ammonia Application Equipment. Draft under ballot. Due date is Aug. 30.

Rotary Mowers

ISO 4254-13, Ag machinery—Safety—Part 13: Large rotary mowers. Expecting publication soon.

ISO/DIS 5718-1, Harvesting equipment —Requirements for cutting elements—Part 1: Blades used on rotary disc mowers and rotary drum mowers and ISO/WD 5718-2 Part 2: Blades used on large rotary mowers. DIS ballots expected soon.


ISO 12003-1:2021 and -2:2021: Tractors for agriculture and forestry—Roll-over protective structures on narrow tractors – Part 1: Front-mounted ROPS; Part 2: Rear-mounted ROPS, published.

Fisher’s monitoring of safety standards is provided through the Association’s Services Corp. and Risk Management Committee.