Kubota to Launch Electric Tractor in 2023

Kubota Corporation has announced that Kubota will be the first Japanese manufacturer* to release electric tractors. Kubota offers a limited number of compact electric tractors LXe-261 in Europe, which is actively striving toward carbon neutrality. The LXe-261 will be made available for a long-term rental service for local municipalities in Europe starting in April 2023.
*As of September 2022; based on internal research

A major challenge in developing electric tractors has been ensuring hours of continuous operation. The LXe-261 is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can provide rapid one hour charging and an average 3-4 hours of continuous operation. Rapid charging over lunch for afternoon use after exhausting the batteries during morning work responds to the usage needs of local customers discovered through the LXe-261 tractor trails.

The LXe-261 also realizes the output necessary for mowing, hauling, and other green space management work in parks and other natural reserves. It even offers almost the same compact size as tractors with diesel engines.

Source: Ag Equipment Intelligence