Legislative Watch: Issues Affecting Members

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While rarely making headlines, pending legislation debated in state capitals can have major effects on small manufacturers.

The Association continually monitors state legislation relevant to the shortline farm equipment industry. In past months, it has also begun tracking bills dealing with COVID-19 liability. Here is a snapshot of issues we are following.

Lemon Law

In Tennessee, a bill is being debated that would require equipment manufacturers to replace farm machinery with comparable machinery. The bill also allows for returns, refunds, and coverage of repair costs, and creates a civil cause of action for consumers. This bill is similar to laws passed in several states—most recently in Arkansas.

Right to Repair

The battle to enact right-to-repair legislation in various forms continues, with legislation currently filed in more than a dozen states.


While motor vehicle manufacturers are the current target, a bill being discussed in Maryland would prohibit actions that would prevent a dealer from listing the purchase price of a vehicle online. The bill also prohibits manufacturers from coercing or requiring a dealer to list a price on the dealer’s website that is different from the purchase price.