Solberg Joins Dot Technology

Craig Solberg has joined Dot Technology Corp. as director of sales and retail development.

For more than 30 years, Solberg has built teams and led retail expansion for Andrukow Group of Companies, Crop Production Services, and most recently Winfield. He has excelled in new technology integration on the farm, an announcement from the company said.

“Craig brings deep expertise and experience to our team,” said CEO Robert Saik. “Dot Technology Corp. is now in the commercialization phase, and we’re looking to make a lasting impression on the history of agriculture. With Craig on our team, we believe we can do just that.”

Solberg said it is “clear that Dot represents the next phase of farming—and the industry is excited and ready.”

The company manufactures Dot, a patented autonomous diesel-powered platform, in Saskatchewan.

Cory Beaujot, managing director of marketing, sales, and communications for the company, will represent Dot on the autonomous farming panel at the marketing convention in St. Louis in November. He also will speak to the Tillage Council.

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