Väderstad Top Down Cultivator Receives Farm Machine 2024 Award

Väderstad’s TopDown with E-services cultivator is the recipient of the Farm Machine 2024 award in the tillage category.

The award, which is decided by a jury of 16 European agricultural publications, was presented at the Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

The introduction of E-Services on the TopDown 400-700 allows the machines to use prescription maps to control various settings automatically on the go. This means that, before going to the field, the farmer can program how the individual working elements — including the discs, shanks, leveler and packer — should behave at specific spots in the field based on soil type and other field characteristics.

“The next step after variable rate application of seed and fertilizer is to apply the same thinking to tillage. Here, savings are achieved using the rule ‘as much as necessary, as little as possible.’ Some of the benefits come as diesel savings and improved soil health; others by the possibility of increasing the working speed as well as reducing wear. Additionally, this enables an autonomous farming future,” says Wolfram Hastolz, director of Tillage Product Management at Väderstad.

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Source: Farm-Equipment.com