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The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has completed the adoption of an international standard, ISO 4254-6:2020, for agricultural sprayers and liquid fertilizer distributors.

Designated ANSI/ASABE AD4254-6:2020 FEB2021, Agricultural machinery—Safety—Part 6: Sprayers and liquid fertilizer distributors, the adoption aligns North American design practices for such equipment with the updated international standard.

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John Fisher, the Association’s safety standards consultant, has contributed this additional information on ASABE standards.

Front or Towed Implements

ISO/CD 5674 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Guards for power take-off (PTO) drive-shafts —Strength and wear tests and acceptance criteria, closing in March.

ISO/NP 11471, Agricultural tractors and machinery—Coding of remote hydraulic power services and controls. May be a CD ballot.

ISO/CD- 5676, Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Hydraulic coupling—Braking circuit, approved for ballot.

Rotary Mowers

ISO/CD 4254-13, Ag machinery—Safety— Part 13: Large rotary mowers, ballot open.

ISO/CD 5718-1, Harvesting equipment —Requirements for cutting elements—Part 1: Blades used on rotary disc mowers and rotary drum mowers and ISO/WD 5718-2 Part 2: Blades used on large rotary mowers, CD ballots open. No technical Changes proposed, Requirements are the same as in ISO 4254-13.


Two parts of the five part braking standards series, ANSI/ASABE S648, Agricultural Field Equipment Braking, are being revised. No technical changes are being proposed.

Part 4: Requirements for Towed Vehicles: minor revisions to specific clauses to eliminate conflicts between those clauses and other information in the standard.

Part 5: Requirements for the Interface between Towing Vehicle and Towed Vehicles: minor revision to clarify compatibility information for low speed/high mass towed vehicles and to match simulator performance with EU Regulations.


Expect publication soon of ISO 12003-1 and -2: Tractors for agriculture and forestry—Roll-over protective structures on narrow tractors—Part 1: Front-mounted ROPS; Part 2: Rear-mounted ROPS.

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