One Member’s Story to Support Ukraine

Member companies, many of whom have business ties in Eastern Europe, are helping people affected by the war in Ukraine or joining the effort to disable Russia’s economy. One such company is Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield, Iowa.

Sukup has a business partner in Ukraine—Grain House Company—which manufactures grain bins and material handling equipment. The company also has Sukup Europe, which is the result of a 2015 acquisition.

Leaders from both organizations joined forces after the Russian invasion to devise a plan to evacuate more than 30 women, children, and the elderly from the war zone while their husbands, fathers, and sons stayed to fight.

The Iowa-based leg of the operation made a significant financial commitment to the effort, and through the Sukup Family Foundation, created an avenue for others to contribute.

A story on the company’s website chronicles the 1,200-mile journey for the refugees and the opportunity to give. See it at

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