Southern Farm Show Cancels

The Southern Farm Show, which was scheduled for Feb. 3 to 5 in North Carolina, has been canceled.

“We know this is very disappointing news for the farmers and other guests who attend the show each year, as well as the many companies that count on the show to create business,” said David Zimmerman, Southern Farm Show manager. “However, when we looked at the entire scenario, it did not make sense to have the show this year.”

Among those concerns were government mandates that would have eliminated meetings, educational sessions and group gatherings.

“The idea of a show where everyone is behind a mask, show guests would be required to travel one way through the show to encourage social distancing, and good friends would not be allowed to shake hands, did not appeal to anyone,” Zimmerman said. “But mainly, our concern was for everyone’s health.”

The Southern Farm Show is the largest agricultural exposition in the Carolinas and Virginia. More than 30,000 people normally attend the three-day show.

The 2022 show is Feb. 2 to 4.

Source: Farm Progress