Summit to be Free of COVID Restrictions

New Orleans has lifted its proof-of-vaccine requirement to enter bars, restaurants, event spaces, and other businesses, the city announced Monday. The accompanying requirement to show proof of a negative test as an alternative is lifted as well.

A mask mandate was lifted earlier this month.

The decision to lift these final requirements are the result of a continued low case count in New Orleans.

“Our march to normal has been gradual,” said Executive Vice President Vernon Schmidt. “This news makes us feel like we’ve gotten there. The Supply Summit is going to be free of COVID-19 restrictions, and we are thrilled.”

The Association of course urges every attendee to take whatever personal precautions make them comfortable.

“Some of what changed during the pandemic will always be a part of our national fabric,” Schmidt said, “and our meetings likely will reflect that.”

One such example: QR codes on name badges. The Association introduced that feature last year to reduce business card exchanges. It was popular and will remain a part of this year’s badges. Attendees are able aim their phone cameras at the codes, and when a name appears on their screen, tap on that name to find complete contact information.

Mask requirements will continue where federally mandated, such as on public transportation and in healthcare facilities.

In other Summit news, with the convention only two weeks away, we have gone beyond speculating about participation and have numbers that will wiggle but will neither soar nor dive. Here’s how the event has shaped up:

Companies sending executives: 110
Total executives: 179
Supplier member executives: 109
Manufacturing member execs: 67
Marketing member execs: 3
Spouses/guests: 52
Participating in golf: 55
Participating in trap shoot: 30
Participating in walk/run: 81
Fishing: 16

Association staff is here to help you register for the event and answer your questions as you prepare for the trip. Call (314) 878-2304.