Surrender Flexibility for Savings in Health Plans?

In pursuit of bringing you greater value, the Association asked in its recent membership survey if companies would consider surrendering flexibility in their employer health insurance plans to gain savings through a plan that brought together several member companies.

The results: on the fence.

Thirty-six percent of members who responded said they would go for such a benefit. Twenty-eight percent said no. The remaining 36 percent were not sure.

Help us get a clearer picture of what you need. If you have not yet submitted your membership survey, send the Association an email with as few as six words: “yes on health insurance member service,” “no on health insurance member service,” “need more info to know about health insurance member service.”

Better yet, if you fall into that “need more info” category, let us know what your challenges are in your current plan or what you like about your plan that you are reluctant to let go.

Call the office at (314) 878-2304, or send emails to Membership Director Matt Rice at