The Envelope Please … Something Extra in This Issue

Some of you received mailed issue of this Shortliner, a metal plate with the current year etched onto it. Please use this to update your membership plaque.

“Keeping the year current on the plaque is a good reminder to you of the value of your membership, and it is an announcement to everyone who sees it that you are part of an organization dedicated to the farm implement industry,” said Executive Vice President Steve Hathaway. “Your annual dues, and your participation, amplifies our collective voice in this industry, and that is so important, especially at times like this. Your membership matters.”

Everything you do to share the news that you are an active, proud member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association adds strength to our presence in the shortline industry. In turn, the Association can accomplish more on your behalf.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how the Association can bring added value to our members, please contact the Association office at (314) 878-2304 or via email at