Trump Calls for Additional Support for Farmers

The White House said Friday it is lighting a fire under USDA to get payments out to agricultural producers as part of a new $16 billion relief package.

President Trump said the aid will focus on “smaller farmers who are very, very badly hurting right now.”

The president asked Secretary Sonny Perdue to expedite relief for the industry and to keep the food supply chain flowing smoothly amid massive financial and logistical hurdles.

“We are going to be working with the small farmers, the big farmers, the cattlemen, the ranchers, all of the producers,” Trump said Friday.

Congress last month authorized USDA to spend more than $23 billion to keep farmers and ranchers afloat. The department since then has been consulting outside economists and fielding ideas from industry groups about the best way to disperse funds across the vast farm economy.

Details of the $16 billion package are not yet defined.

Source: Politico