U.S. Experiencing Factory Boom

According to data from the Census Bureau released last week, construction spending by U.S. manufacturers more than doubled over the past year. For April 2023, the annual rate reached nearly $190 billion compared with $90 billion in June 2022, with manufacturing accounting for around 13% of non-government construction.

The US government has offered billions of dollars in subsidies for the production of electric vehicles and solar panels to compete with countries such as China and to fortify US leadership in sectors including clean energy. According to the World Bank, China makes up around 30% of global value added from manufacturing, about double the U.S. Over the last few decades, Asia has taken up a greater share of global factory manufacturing.

Factories are being constructed everywhere from deserts to resort towns as the U.S. tries to bring back manufacturing of goods commonly imported from lower-cost countries. Many battery and electric vehicle factories have popped up in the Rust Belt, while solar panel and renewable energy factories now span much of the South and Southeast.

The U.S. has added around 800,000 jobs in manufacturing employment over the past two years, employing around 13 million workers per the May Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report. However, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, the manufacturing skills gap — caused by the labor market’s struggle to find workers with highly technical and manual expertise — could lead to 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030.

Source: MiTechNews.com