Vaderstad Acquires AGCO-AMITY JV

Väderstad AB has acquired 100 percent of the AGCO-AMITY JV LLC (AAJV), which is also known as member company Wil-Rich.

Wil-Rich will be integrated into the Väderstad global group of companies under the company name Väderstad Inc.

Since 2011, Wil-Rich has designed and manufactured the Wil-Rich, Wishek and Concord brands of products, which are sold through 270 dealers worldwide with a concentration of dealers in the U.S.

The acquisition offers the Väderstad Group access to distribution outlets in the U.S., as well as a U.S. manufacturing facility and the “benefit from the heritage and strong reputation of the Wil-Rich, Wishek and Concord brands,” an announcement from Väderstad said.

“AAJV has a strong position on the U.S. market combined with a product portfolio that gives us a more complete product offering in North America,” said Mats Båverud, president & CEO of Väderstad.

AAJV is jointly owned by AGCO and AMITY since 2011 and today has 110 employees.

Keith Whitaker, CEO of Wil-Rich, characterized the acquisition as “a great day for the company, the Wahpeton community and our employees.”

He said the “combination of our highly skilled team and Väderstad’s solid and extensive experience will enable the company to provide a broad set of agronomic solutions for our farmer customers while achieving our growth objectives with our dealer partners.”

Väderstad Inc. has appointed Jason Strobbe as its new managing director. Strobbe also is the vice president of sales and marketing for North America.

Väderstad Industries Inc. produces the Seed Hawk precision air drill for the North American market.

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