Significance of Green Lanyards

If you’ve attended one of our conventions, you might have noticed green lanyards on a handful of folks. New members are given a green lanyard to signify they are a “first-time attendee” at the convention. If you notice a member wearing one of these green lanyards at the Marketing & Distribution Convention, we encourage you to reach out and introduce yourself.

Conventions are all about relationship building and, just like making an outsider feel welcome at a party, it’s easy to draw a new member into a discussion and introduce them to other members with common interests. As a seasoned member you are an important resource! Who better than you to bring a new member into the fold by sharing information, ideas and the benefits of membership in our Association?

Engagement during the first year of membership and every year after, is key to the retention of our members. The more comfortable new members feel, the longer they will stay, get involved and become more connected to the industry. And, you just never know, that new member that you shook hands with may just become one of your key distribution partners in the future.