Engage in the Association, Influence the Industry

by Tim Burenga – from Spring AgInnovator Magazine

We all witnessed signs of improvement when 2022 started. Supply chain was flowing better and employee applicants were starting to come through the door. 

I visited with many of our peers at the National Farm and Machinery show in February. Everyone had the same opportunities (which also may be appropriately deemed “challenges”), but we had a more optimistic view for the future.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine. At first nothing seemed to be disrupted, but after a few days, we all started receiving the phone calls and emails from our foreign suppliers. Some were saying they wouldn’t be able to get materials; all of them said prices were going up. Here we go again!!

What do we do? How do we prepare for the future? When will this hyper demand for our products slow down? I wish I could answer your questions, but it would be purely speculative. I do know one thing: You can help yourself by getting involved in the Association.

Get Involved! 

We have all been extremely busy taking care of our customers. The opportunities confronting us change each day. We must not forget our importance to agriculture. We are the innovators that help determine the future of how our customers work. We have the strength and voice to shape our industry, which ultimately influences the business of farming. Our Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association is strong and robust, but if we don’t take the time to volunteer our talents and insights, then we will start to wane.  

How to Get Involved  

Reach out to the Association staff or any member of the Board of Directors. We are listed in the left column on page 3 and in every issue of Shortliner. You also can find us at FarmEquip.org. The Association has several committees and councils, which work continuously to make our Association and industry better. This is an excellent entry into influencing the direction of the industry. Our board is comprised of 16 talented and diverse individuals who have devoted their time and talents to represent you, our members. We have a Nominating Committee that is chaired by Ric Kirby. If you have interest in being a board member or want to recommend someone, please reach out to Ric (rmk@kirbymfg.com) or me (tim@worksaver.com).

Benefits of Getting Involved

As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. Personally, I have gained a lot of knowledge, insights, and life-long relationships that have helped our company grow and evolve. The greatest resource our Association has is you.

In my opinion, our industry is made up of the most genuine and helpful people. I cannot begin to explain how many times I have reached out to our members with questions about supply, production, distribution, etc. Almost always, I get valuable advice and move closer to solving our problem.

We have all experienced a lot of stress these past two years. It has been reassuring to talk with our members and realize we all are having the same issues. Our support of each other has never been more pronounced, welcomed and appreciated.  

The future is uncertain, and quite frankly, scary. Together, we will make a difference and evolve with whatever changes are coming. With you, this industry and this organization will thrive! 


Tim Burenga
Worksaver Inc.
2022 Association President