Association’s Supplier Section Elects New Leadership

The Supplier Board of Governors of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association elected new leadership during our Supply Summit early this month in New Orleans.

Marc Adams, sales/marketing manager of GBGI Inc., was elected to a one-year term as chairman of the board. The board leads the Association’s supplier section, which is comprised of about 300 companies that supply raw goods, component parts, and services to farm equipment manufacturers. GBGI, Inc. is based in Chardon, Ohio.

Adams stated, “This industry is a tight knit industry. With the challenges we all face today, it is crucial that suppliers and equipment manufacturers work together in order to provide our farmers with the tools they need to continue producing the crops that keep their farms alive, and put food on our tables.” 

Adams continued,  “The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association is an organization that provides us with that opportunity and I am excited to step into this role and assist our members in tackling these challenges.”

Also elected to officer roles were John Brown of Myers Spring, vice chair; Mary Sutton of Muir Omni Graphics, secretary, and Chris Smith of Comer Industries, treasurer.

Adams succeeds Scott Moss of Gates as chairman. Also continuing to serve will be Steve Ford Sr. of Lapham-Hickey Steel and Joe Sampson of Osmundson Manufacturing, who represents suppliers on the Association’s Board of Directors.

Elected to a first term were Alex Mussa of SNA Manufacturing LLC and Dalton Carr of Superior Gearbox Company. s