Last Call: Benchmark Survey Gets One More Week

We get it. You have, um, bumped into a few unexpected things this year. Ordinary tasks have been set aside. This is why we have decided to offer one final extension for members to complete the Business Profile & Financial Performance Survey.

You will receive an email today (Tuesday) from That’s Matt Chaffin, who is the Association’s designated third-party representative conducting this confidential survey for members.

The new deadline is June 9. Participants will receive their report cards and industry data in early July.

The Association has made significant investment in this survey because members told us they value the information. And, the more companies that participate, the richer the data becomes.

Please take a moment to complete the survey, and remember, you can submit documents directly to Industry Insights to save yourself time. The CPAs who review them will shred them.

Results offer participants insight into plant profitability, productivity, and financial management. You will receive a customized company report and an industry-wide report.

Get answers to your questions from Chaffin at (614) 389-2100, or contact Kristi at the Association at (314) 878-2304 or