Law Would Protect Workers Who Test Positive for Pot

People in Illinois can currently lose their job if they test positive for cannabis, although the drug is legal in the state.

The House passed a bill last week that adds protections for workers who use legal products during their free time.

Illinois legalized adult-use marijuana in 2019, but some feel lawmakers forgot to address workplace policy for cannabis consumers. Rep. Bob Morgan (D-Deerfield) says his legislation could help employees who use medical or recreational marijuana who may take drug tests and possibly jeopardize their jobs.

The bill could prohibit employers from firing or disciplining employees or not hiring applicants who use any form of cannabis. However, there are exemptions for safety-sensitive positions including jobs where someone would carry a gun, perform emergency services, work around heavy machinery, or handle hazardous materials. It also exempts people who are impaired or intoxicated at the workplace and anyone who may be at risk of losing a federal contract.

The Senate considers the bill soon.

Source: WGEM