Recharge, Reconnect and Refresh

The 2022 Marketing & Distribution Convention is right around the corner. Do not miss this opportunity to recharge your batteries, reconnect with your peers and refresh your knowledge of the issues most relevant to the shortline equipment industry.

Go to to register, check out who is attending and take advantages of valuable networking opportunities. And now, let’s meet our speakers:

Pressure Cooker Confidence: Deliver Peak Performance in all Situations
Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney survived a combat mission when two engines on his left wing ripped off in flight. He will teach you how to differentiate yourselves from the competition and win in the marketplace. You will learn how to demonstrate confidence under pressure and practice decisive and effective leadership.

U.S. Agricultural Economy
Dr. Mintert is a professor and extension economist at Purdue University’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture. He will examine the factors affecting farmers’ machinery purchases, and sense of the current status and health of the US agricultural economy.

Smart Strategies to Keep Your Top Talent
Lisa Ryan will provide fresh perspective on key engagement strategies that will enhance your employees’ connection and commitment to your organization to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains the industry’s top talent.

Employee Retention with Lincoln Capital
A business is only as good as it’s people. Judd Norman, Chris Stemler and Truman Faeh will discuss the challenges of employers in this competitive job market and will help our members design custom plans that attract and retain their key employees.

Dealer and Distributor Relationships
Trent M. Johnson is a litigator, business counselor and trial lawyer. His presentation will focus on termination issues followed by an “AMA” – “Ask Me Anything” session related to terminations.

Election Overview: State Tax, and Budget Policy Update
Morgan Scarboro will provide an overview of the November elections with a focus on the partisan makeup of the states. She will also present an update on tax and budget policy in the states and what to expect in 2023.

Member Resource Spotlight: Cybersecurity
Fernanda Rosen is a marketing strategist with Zywave (formerly Enquiron) which is providing a new cybersecurity benefit to Association members. She will discuss the risks of cyber attacks and detail the comprehensive resources available to our members to prevent a cyber attack and recover from one.