Association Looks Ahead After Summit Cancellation

The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association made the difficult decision last week to cancel Supply Summit 2020 in Albuquerque.

It was a response not only to the coronavirus pandemic but also to a precipitous fall in the attendance rate. As members canceled because of company travel bans and meeting restrictions, the Association recognized that the networking value of the meeting would not be what participants deserve.

“The speed at which things developed—throughout the United States and in this office—was stunning,” said Executive Vice President Vernon Schmidt. “On Tuesday night, canceling the meeting was only a possibility. On Friday morning, the decision was obvious. The dominoes just continued to fall.”

If you have not yet communicated with someone from the Association about your Summit registration refund, call us at (314) 878-2304. If you have received a reminder from the hotel about your reservation, worry not. Your room reservation has been canceled.

The global outbreak that ultimately caused the cancellation of this meeting is expected to continue to disrupt supply chains and the workforce. The Association is committed to providing members information that helps them navigate these unprecedented circumstances.

If you are experiencing supply chain disruptions and seeking alternatives, access the Association’s online database to find supplier member companies who offer what you need. Go to the “resources” tab at, and search by product. You will need a user name and password to access this members-only benefit. Call (314) 878-2304 if you need user name or password information.

While we wait for calmer days, let’s look ahead. The Association will host its 2020 Marketing & Distribution Convention in Orlando from Oct. 27 to 29. In the meantime, we will explore options for bringing content to you that we had hoped to share with you next week.