At Times Like This, Your Membership Matters Even More

Whether you are reading this from your home base in Ponca, Neb., Pepin, Wis., or Benito, Manitoba, you are affected by the worldwide effort to control the spread of the coronavirus.

The Association is sending this to you from an office in St. Louis, and while the people who occupy this office are committed to serving shortline manufacturers, we are not in a manufacturing plant in rural North America.

This is why—to adapt a line from the film Jerry Maguire—we ask that you help us help you.

A trade association can shine at a moment like this by seeking answers to your collective questions and serving as a clearinghouse for information.
Tell us what you need. Ask us questions. We cannot promise answers, but we can dedicate time to finding them.

The Association is developing a section on its web site ( to provide members guidance on how to respond to this rapidly changing situation. We will update the site daily.

Industry Insights, which has worked with the Association on a benchmark survey for members, issued a call Monday for manufacturers to participate in a COVID-19 Impact & Implementation Study. The intent was to help the industry understand the overall sentiment among equipment manufacturers and gather information about action plans.

The nature of the survey called for a quick turnaround. The response window has closed. Nonetheless, we will share results with you as part of our work to build a body of information that may guide decision-making during this unprecedented time.

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