Survey: Farmers Favor Shortline Brands for Innovation, Value, and More

In a survey conducted by Lessiter Media’s Farm Equipment magazine exploring what drives farmers to choose shortline equipment over major brands, farmers gave the shortline industry high marks.

Which (type of ) Manufacturer Do You Regard as Having the Edge in the Following Categories?

“The findings indicate that many farmers prefer the unique features and lower prices they get with shortline equipment, and they are willing to go outside their primary dealer to get it,” the article said. “The lack of majorline product available in niche segments, as well as a perceived lack of quality vs. shortline equipment, was also found to play a role in shortline equipment purchases.”

The publication surveyed nearly 240 farmers. The chart to the right is one example of what they learned. Among other questions they asked:

  • What majorline do you most identify your farm operation with?
  • What prompted you to purchase a particular piece vs. what the majorline offered?
  • Have you bought shortline equipment from a dealership other than your primary dealer for tractors and combines?
  • When you inquire about a specific shortline product not handled by your primary dealer, what is the most common response?
  • If consolidation/brand purity continues, how will you be affected?
  • The primary reason I wouwld purchase a shortline product over that of a majorline is ….
  • Do you agree that independent manufacturers are the driving force for technological advancement in their respective product segments?
  • What best describes your farm’s pattern of embracing new farm equipment?

See the full article and the responses to those questions at Farm Equipment magazine also recently ran two essays offering arguments for why dealers should, or should not, carry shortline equipment. See that story at