AGCO Partners with College to Train Techs

AGCO begins a new program this month with Parkland College’s Midwest Center for Precision Agriculture (MCPA) in Champaign, Ill.

The program will leverage AGCO technical experts to train technicians from existing dealerships to support the company’s agricultural equipment, such as tractors and planters.

“AGCO is excited to team up with Parkland College,” said Robert Yunghans, manager of aftersales training for AGCO North America. “Parkland’s Precision Ag center is well known for producing some of our industry’s top professionals, and this program will not only benefit them but also our dealers and farmers across the Midwest.”

“Welcoming AGCO to campus will allow us to expand training opportunities on our campus, expose Parkland students and faculty to emerging technologies in the agriculture industry, and assist in meeting a critical workforce need for skilled technicians,” said Thomas Ramage, Parkland’s president.

In 2018, the AGCO Acceleration Center at the University of Illinois Research Park opened, also in Champaign, Ill. It seeks to advance technology and innovation across AGCO’s grain, seed processing, swine and poultry production equipment brands.

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