Art’s Way Reports Strong Quarter, Half-Year

Art’s-Way Manufacturing recently announced its financial results for the most recent quarter and fiscal year to date.

Consolidated corporate sales for the quarter ended May 31 increased by 4.8 percent. In a six-month comparison to last year, sales increased by 6.1 percent. The increases are due to increased demand in agricultural products and tools segments.

In agriculture, second quarter sales increased by 25.6 percent. Year-to-date ag sales increased by 22.1 percent. The company saw a 65 percent increase in grinder mixer sales and a 25 percent increase in manure spreader sales in its six-month comparison.

“First and foremost, the overall health of the agricultural economy has brought some stability to our primary business segment,” the company stated. “We are continuing to strive for operational improvement and have seen the benefits through increased labor efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs.”

The statement continued: “Our business is better positioned to succeed in times of economic boom than we were five years ago. We will continue to push for operational excellence as we face the challenges of an ever changing economy.”

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