ASABE Updates, Revises Standards

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has adopted the latest version of an ISO standard for mechanical connections of towed vehicles. It also has completed revisions to two parts of a five-part series on agricultural field equipment braking.

Connections for Towed Vehicles

The expanded scope of the revised ASABE/ISO 24347:2019, Agricultural vehicles—mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles—dimensions of ball coupling device (80 mm), provides specifications for a ball coupling device that is either horizontal adjustable or close-position.
The adoption replaces the 2005 version of the standard and further harmonizes national and international standardization.

Revision to Braking Standards

Completed revisions of the ANSI/ASABE S648, Agricultural Field Equipment Braking, series of machinery standards, include part 4 and part 5.
ANSI/ASABE S648-4.1, Agricultural Field Equipment Braking—Part 4: Requirements for Towed Vehicles, includes clarifications regarding the definition of towed vehicle types.

ANSI/ASABE S648-5.1, Agricultural Field Equipment Braking—Part 5: Requirements for the Interface between Towing Vehicle and Towed Vehicles, includes additional clarifications and corrected interface-testing criteria.

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