Sentry Offers Comprehensive Safety Toolkit

This checklist is part of a recently released safety toolkit from Sentry Insurance. The company has made the document available to members of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association regardless of your status as a Sentry policyholder.

The checklist on lockout/tagout procedures is pulled from a 16-page inspection checklist that includes these categories:

  • Walking/working surfaces
  • Electrical
  • Confined spaces
  • Hand and portable power tools
  • Flammable and combustible materials
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hazard communications

These checklists are part of a 171-page, remarkably comprehensive toolkit.

“I know of no other insurance carrier that offers anything close to this,” said John Tye, chairman of the Association’s Risk Management Committee, in the fall issue of Ag Innovator magazine. “To call it comprehensive is an understatement. The substance of the document shows Sentry’s extraordinary expertise in the shortline industry. The company’s willingness to share the work with our members shows that it cares about the safety of the people who make and use our products.”

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Find the complete toolkit resource at You will need your member ID and password to access the document. Call the Association at (314) 878-2304 for help on your ID and password.

The kit includes the latest ASABE, ANSI and ISO standards for farm equipment manufacturers. It also covers:

  • Loss control (accident investigation report, general inspection checklist, equipment safety checklist, new employee safety orientation, and more)
  • Product safety (hazard analysis, quality assurance, machine guarding, safety messages and labels, operator’s manuals, and again, much more)
  • Document management (document retention, electronic documents, etc.) Incident and claim reporting
  • Common exposures such as hazardous materials, mechanical material-handling, fire hazards, and emergency preparedness.

“The content is designed to provide more than just lists of what manufacturers need to do,” said Bryant Hintz, Sentry safety consultant. “It is designed to give manufacturers examples and resources to help build their safety programs. It is a one-stop shop for everything related to workplace safety and product safety.”

Hintz said Sentry seeks to “ignite that fire in our customers” to keep safety at the center of plant operations. “We also want relationships with our customers, so they know they are not alone. We are here to help.”

Hintz will visit Sentry policyholder facilities for safety consultations. The visits are not intended to be punitive. Consultations are not tied to rate increases except when egregious risks persist for repeated visits.