Bottlenecks in U.S. Ports Worsen Over Weekend

Over the weekend, the lines of vessels waiting to berth in major ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach grew to 73 vessels. A week ago, it was 54 vessels.
Just as the lines have grown, the average waiting period has increased by 11 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to data from Unctad released by Sea-Intelligence.

“The amount of time spent in the ports has grown basically twice as much as the amount of cargo shipped in the world. This clearly shows that efficiency has gone down in first half of 2021, on account of the bottlenecks,” writes Sea-Intelligence.

According to the analyst firm, the increase in stay time has particularly affected ports in the U.S., Germany, France and Singapore.

The crux of the matter is a lack of trucks, on-land infrastructure and drivers, according to Lars Jensen, CEO and partner at Vespucci Maritime.

US. ports have extended the opening hours for pick-up of containers, according to several media, including Port Strategy.

Source: Shipping Watch