Buhler Versatile Facing $35M Lawsuit

Buhler Versatile facing $35M breach of contract lawsuit from Australian farm equipment distributor.

A deal to ship Winnipeg-built tractors to Australia has resulted in a lawsuit alleging breach of contract, after Buhler Versatile Inc. decided to stop exports outside North America, according to a statementof claim filed in Manitoba’s Court of Kings Bench.PFG Australia Pty Ltd., headquartered in a suburb of Melbourne, says Winnipeg-based Buhler Versatile knew the damage it would cause when it decided to halt shipments, according to court documents. 

In mid-September, Buhler Versatile said in a letter to PFG that it “had decided to completely stop its export operations, projects and plans related to the supply of equipment outside North America,” says the lawsuit, dated Oct. 25. It does not indicate whether Buhler Versatile provided a reason for that decision, but alleges the company “is acting in bad faith in refusing to comply with the terms of the contracts for an ulterior purpose, namely, in attempting to advance its own interests in the North American market.”

Source: cbc.ca.news