CNH Industrial Purchases Stake in Earthoptics

CNH Industrial N.V. has joined a group of industry-leading firms and venture capital firms in the Series B funding round of EarthOptics, an innovative ag tech startup.

Through its proprietary sensor technology, EarthOptics is able to precisely measure the health and structure of the soil. This partnership allows Case IH to accelerate the road map for autonomous tillage, reducing the need for inputs and helping farmers to implement sustainable practices by directly measuring carbon impact.

Improved agronomic solutions are essential to meeting the demands of the ever-growing world population. This partnership underscores the company’s commitment to agronomically superior solutions, allowing Case IH to deliver to its customers a complete technology solutions package and accelerate what is possible in tillage automation and, in the future, autonomy.

EarthOptics’ solution is able to take an accurate measure of the carbon sequestered in the field at a different point in time. This enables farmers to make informed decisions on their operation about their practices and potentially provide key data and validation for them to participate in the growing carbon credit market.

In addition to advancing sustainable farming practices, EarthOptics will enhance Case IH products and the ability to create technology solutions that allow farmers to: till only where needed; accurately map soil carbon captured; improve routine soil fertility and health measures; and dramatically reduce costs. This technology will have unprecedented benefits for the entire CNH Industrial agricultural segment and commercial plans will be the subject of future announcements.