Deere Employee Fired Over Battery Safety Risks

A former John Deere employee is suing the company, saying he was fired for raising safety concerns over electric batteries.

Daniel White, of Bettendorf, was fired after informing management about safety risks related to batteries for autonomous tractors, etc. He was chief of electrification, small ag & turf, and started working for Deere in Moline in February 2022.

White had 24 years experience, the lawsuit states, and his job was to help develop an autonomous, battery-powered tractor/farm product. White’s lawsuit indicates he spoke with various company leaders urging them to perform tests on the batteries, including what could happen in the event of “foreseeable misuse,” which he categorized as standard testing criteria.

These tests included immersion, vibration, shock and salt spray, which the complaint identifies as standard safety tests. Though White said the tests are common, his suit alleges they were refused.

Source: QCT