Just Added: Emerging Owners Workshop

While you may have already registered for the Supply Summit & Showcase. This week we’re highlighting an exciting offering and wanted to make sure all members get this information. On Monday afternoon March 20, a team of presenters from Pinion will offer a unique and valuable workshop for Emerging Business Owners during our Supply Summit & Showcase in Sandestin.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a manager in a growing firm or an heir to a family business, this workshop will help you on your journey as an Emerging Owner. During this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of finance and accounting required as a business owner and how to professionally manage a growing business. In addition, we will dive into what it means to be a leader and an owner, all while managing employees who may be family members or are your former peers. Come and learn what it means to transition from employee to owner, and the leadership skills it takes to create a workplace that offers opportunity and long-term profitability.

Justin Mentele, Principal; Alex Breitinger, Principal; Travis Free, Senior Manager; Kala Jenkins, Manager, will provide information and guidance in this beneficial seminar. There’s no cost for this workshop, but we would like to know how many plan to attend. To sign up to participate or if you have questions, contact Sarah@FarmEquip.org.