Shortline Legends Hall of Fame Awards Presented at Fall Meeting

Kim Schmidt, executive editor of Farm Equipment, and Mike Lessiter, president of Farm Equipment, presented Don Landoll and Roy Applequist with Shortline Legends Hall of Fame awards during the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) Marketing & Distribution Convention in Kansas City, MO on Nov. 2. 

The inaugural class of the Shortline Legends Hall of Fame includes Roy Applequist, founder of Great Plains Mfg.; Don Landoll, founder of Landoll Corp.; Joe MacDonald, founder of MacDon; Jon Kinzenbaw, founder of Kinze Mfg.; and Gary Vermeer, founder of Vermeer Corp. MacDonald died in 1991, and Vermeer died in 2009. Kinzenbaw was not in attendance at the FEMA ceremony.

2023 Shortline Legends Hall of Fame Inductees

Farm Equipment launched the award program in 2023 to record the individuals whose shortline innovations impacted the machinery and dealer distribution industry in North America.