Lee Presented with C. P. Nicholson Membership Award

Kenny Lee with Landoll Company, LLC is the 2023 recipient of the C.P. Nicholson Membership Award, an honor bestowed upon the executive who recruits the most member companies into the Association.

“When it comes to convincing a manufacturer of the value of membership, the word of another executive has impact,” said Association Executive Vice President Steve Hathaway. “Kenny’s conversations with customers are clearly making an impression.”

Lee received the award during the 2023 Marketing & Distribution Convention in Kansas City from Marc Ivey, who is chair of the Association’s membership committee. Ivey reinforced that the Association gains strength when it broadens its membership base.

“With every new member, we gain greater visibility in the industry and greater presence in national conversations on legislation and regulation,” Ivey said. “We gain the opportunity to meet more manufacturers, more suppliers, and more distributors, and learn from them.”

The C.P. Nicholson award celebrates the legacy of a member and past president who was especially passionate about building the Association.