Majority of States Begin to Reopen

U.S. state governors are grappling with the push-and-pull between easing pandemic restrictions and extending them, as tensions escalate and the rate of infection slows in spite of the overall number of cases continuing to climb.

At least 30 states have started to allow some businesses to operate or announced plans to do so in May.

President Donald Trump during a Fox News town-hall appearance Sunday night said he was ready to restart U.S. economic activity quickly. “You really can have it both ways,” he said.

Most member companies are deemed essential and have remained in operation, but the reopening process affects you because, as more businesses open in your states, the regulations governing your workplaces also are subject to change. And, sales teams eager to get back may soon have more places to go.

For information about the status of every state, and to learn if the reopening plan may call for additional changes at your plant, go to