Member Company Rebrands to Reduce Marketplace Confusion

Hay equipment manufacturer Kuhns Mfg., based in North Bloomfield, Ohio, has changed its name to Norden Mfg. The rebranding will “create clarity and reduce confusion in the marketplace,” “allow opportunity to expand our product offerings,” and by expanding those offerings, “enhance long-term stability,” a company announcement said.

Owner Kenny Kuhns continues to lead the company.

“As part of our focus on business development, our family believes that rebranding our company to a name that creates clarity of identity and reflects our values provides opportunity for us to offer a range of new products.”

Another Association member and farm equipment manufacturer has a name virtually identical to Kuhns, which is what created the need for more clarity.

“As we continue to grow in our global reach and product lines, we find it necessary to be clear in our branding,” an announcement from the new Norden Mfg. said. “We will always celebrate and be thankful for our history as Kuhns Mfg. as we navigate our path forward.”

The name change is underway.

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