New Member Profile: The TireGrabber Ltd.

Starting from the need to solve a serious problem, Darcy Goossen invented, patented, and engineered The TireGrabber in 2017. From its humble beginnings on his farm in Canada, the company has grown to national and international prominence. Through his hard work, diligence, and stubbornness the product line has expanded to four models including the latest TG3000, recently released in April 2024 and including three models of the TG4000 that can handle tires up to 95” in diameter. 

In addition, The TireGrabber also manufacturers the TG Jack. It is an equipment jack that has been designed specifically to lift the high, top-heavy sprayers.  Sprayers are notoriously challenging to jack up and there have been countless accidents and near misses.  The TGJack lifts sprayers safely and efficiently, doing it all via remote control.

Whether it is in your service department or in your customer’s shop, the TireGrabber system safely, effectively, and efficiently changes most tires that are on farms, construction sites and mines.

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